Bike Tours in the Pyrenees

Pyrenees Motorbike Tours

Pyrénées Motorbike Tours

Take your bike along some of Europe’s most spectacular biking roads! Unfortunately, due to a technical error, it is currently not possible to download it from our website. Please use the following link.

To view and download the tours, click on the format of your choice on the following website:

If your GPS device supports it, here are the corresponding files available for download:

Tour 1 : Col des Ares, Col de Menté, Col de Portet-d’AspetKML FileGPX FileITN File
Tour 2 : Col de Azet, Col de Peyresourde (James Bond Airport*!!)KML FileGPX FileITN File
Tour 3 : Col du TourmaletKML FileGPX FileITN File
Tour 4 : Col du Pourtalet 384 Km via Spain/Espagne/SpanienKML FileGPX FileITN File
Tour 5 : Col d'Aspin, Col du TourmaletKML FileGPX FileITN File
Tour 6 : Col du Soulor, Col d´AubisqueKML FileGPX FileITN File

* James Bond, “Tomorrow Never Dies” Airport.